De Mastworp Activities.

Contact us directly by calling 06 – 512 47 805 or email [email protected].

More information? Call +31 6 512 47 805 or email [email protected].

Our outdoor partner De Mastworp can be found at the back of the hotel (at the outside terrace of the restaurant). Here you can enjoy all kinds of fun outdoor activities, including bicycle rental, miniature golf, disc golf and climbing in the climbing park.

To book one of the activities, please contact De Mastworp directly by calling 06 – 512 47 805 or use the online booking console below.

What to do at De Mastworp?


Climbing Park.

Four different routes up to a height of 14 meters. There is a nice route for every daredevil, big or small. Do you dare to climb over the obstacles and fly down the zipline?

This activity is very suitable as a children's party and can therefore be combined with our All You Can Friet menu with unlimited fries and mini snacks.


Read more about the climbing park.


Arrow Battle.

During a game of Arrow Battle, two teams compete against each other hoping to be the first to shoot the five discs of the opponents out of the goal. Shooting is done with soft arrows and different game variants are possible. A game lasts about 15 minutes and can therefore be repeated several times in different compositions. Very nice as a children's party, but also for adults.


GPS Trails.

Discover nature during various fun GPS activities. It's a fun, low-budget activity that is fun for young and old. Actively search for a location or code. But don't think it's easy... You'll need to work together to crack the codes and searching ensures that you get to the end goal.


Disc golf.

Disc golf is a combination of golf and frisbee. The "hole" consists of a basket: a steel basket with chains. You should throw the disc into the basket with as few throws as possible. If successful, you can go to the next hole. But be aware, there are certain routes you have to travel, otherwise you will get a penalty!


Booking one of these activities can be done by using the booking console below. If you have questions, please call 06 – 512 47 805 (or WhatsApp).